Selena Gomez Says That “Finding Medication for Her Mental Problem” Changed Her Life


The singer was relieved with the diagnosis of her mental disorder, and that the medication completely changed her life.

Selena Gomez felt “relieved” to be diagnosed with her mental health problems, since finding the right medication “completely changed” her life.

The interpreter is one of the most successful pop stars in the world, but in a sincere interview with WSJ magazine, for her annual edition of Talents & Legends, the 27-year-old singer talked about her emotional struggles.

“I had low self-esteem, and that is something I work on continuously. But now I feel so empowered because I have acquired a lot of knowledge about what was going on mentally, ”she shared. “My ups and downs were really high, and my minimums took me out of circulation for weeks.”

Selena continued: “I discovered that I do have mental health problems. And, honestly, that was a great relief. I realized that there was a way to get help and find people you trust. I took the right medication and my life has changed completely. ”

And the star, which releases next Friday “Rare”, her first new album since Revival 2015, confessed that her new music reflects her best mental health.

“I remember what Taylor Swift said when I played some of the new songs: ‘I feel like I’m seeing who you were before this.’ That makes me happy. I like to feel like that girl again. ”