Leonardo Dicaprio Saves the Life of a Man Who Fell From His Boat


Leonardo Dicaprio becomes a real hero, as his ship rescued a shipwreck in the Caribbean

The famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio has become a hero because he saved the life of a man who fell from the side of a cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea.

The American media was responsible for spreading it, E! News, in which they say that DiCaprio and his girlfriend Camila Morrone were on vacation with a group of friends on a cruise ship very close to the island of San Bartolomé on December 30, 2019, when they decided to help rescue an emergency call.

As if it were the destination, the boat where the “Titanic” actor was was the only one in the area and it was so that he could locate and rescue the reported individual quite close to the island of Saba almost at sunset.

The man, who was later identified as Victor, originally from France, accidentally fell off a Club Med yacht and was floating in the sea about 11 hours before he was rescued. According to information from The Sun, the man worked on that boat and when he fell he was in serious drunkenness.

After having done such a heroic act, DiCaprio attended the golden balloons with hopes of receiving the Best Actor award, however, Joaquin Phoenix was the one who ended up taking him.

However, Brad Pitt sent Leonardo DiCaprio a message so they became a trend on Twitter. Thanks to his participation in the film film “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” by director Tarantino as a supporting actor, he earned him one of the awards of the night.

What most caught the attention of the night, was when Brad received his prize, because in saying his speech he left everyone eclipsed, because at one point he also thanked Leonardo DiCaprio ending with a phrase that everyone immediately understood “I do I would have gone up to the table “referring to the Titanic movie where Leo was the protagonist and in which he eventually lost his life due to hypothermia.

When the Pitt went up to give his speech for winning the Best Supporting Actor in the category, he mentioned DiCaprio, “Before ‘The Revenant’, he used to see, year after year, his co-stars win prizes. They get up and they thank profusely and now I know why. “