Salma Hayek Is About to Release ‘Like a Boss’ a Fresh Comedy


This Friday opens the comedy where Salma Hayek, “Like a Boss” participates in the United States and revealed that it was a fresh experience

Salma Hayek said that the comedy “Like a Boss” gave her the opportunity to work with more actresses than her previous films.

For the Mexican star, filming with a predominantly female cast that includes Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish was a “breath of fresh air.” She added that having Billy Porter in the cast, who is openly gay, was also a bonus, and called him “one of us.”

In “Like a Boss,” Haddish and Byrne give life to a couple of friends, Mia and Mel, who created a small cosmetics firm. But when they both sell a business stake to makeup mogul Claire Luna, played by Hayek, they decide to try to regain the control they lost.

Jennifer Coolidge and Natasha Rothwell also appear in the film, which opens Friday in the United States. Hayek said the cast fit well in part thanks to Haddish, who opened the doors of her house for weekly dinners.

“Tiffany used to invite us every Sunday, so we could really create links on the weekends that helped us throughout the week,” said the actress. Porter agreed. “It was something we were looking forward to during those long and difficult shooting days,” she said. “It was like, if we arrived on Sunday, we would be fine.”

Hayek said the result was a vibe similar to the one she lived in the 90s when actors used to share more during filming.

“We used to do that a long time ago and lately I’ve noticed that on the set everyone is in their trailer or on their phone,” said Hayek. “With this movie, we could really share some time on weekends between shots. Nobody went to their trailer, we just stayed together and I’m very happy because I made good friends. ”

The ties that were forged behind the scenes also helped Byrne and Haddish, who, like their characters, have different characters. “Tiff has enough energy for 20 people and I am low energy,” Bryne said. “But in fact, we actually have more in common than you might think.”

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Haddish believes they both share the comedy part, although the actress and humorist said Byrne may not be aware of that.

“She’s a funny surprise,” said Haddish de Byrne, who appeared in the 2011 comedy “Bridesmaids” (“Ladies at War”) with Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Melissa McCarthy. “You don’t expect me to be funny … and then you arrive and it’s like ‘bam, bam, bam, bam’. One is stunned. ”

Perhaps Haddish and Byrne’s mood also infected Hayek, whose character was not supposed to be funny.

“Originally it was written as a very straight, very serious woman, who as boss tries to act like a man,” said Hayek. “I am very grateful that (the director) Miguel Arteta and Paramount (Pictures) have allowed me to make her crazy and fun.”

Hayek’s character has fire orange hair, fake teeth, and a vibrant wardrobe, but there is something else that the actress considered and in the end did not do.

“I was going to inject my face to look really full of Botox and with huge lips, but I was cowed because I had another movie to do later and it wasn’t a good idea,” Hayek said. “It takes a while for those things to get out of your system. So I put those huge false teeth that were a little out and that made my lips thicker and I exaggerated. But I loved it, it gave me a certain attitude or something.”

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