Street Fighter 5 Netcode Bug Has Been Fixed by a Modder

Apparently a Street Fighter 5 fan has bothered to fix a bug since the game was released. According to the modder Altimor, and indeed other important community members and fighting game developers, Street Fighter V includes a bug that can cause latency in subsequent moves. The result of this error is a one-sided “rollback” for a player, while the opponent has no such problems.

The Altimor correction ensures that players affected by this problem no longer have the rollback and are able to hit the opponent without suffering latency. ” It took a little over two days to get it fixed, while Capcom hasn’t fixed the bug for four years, ” said Altimor. ” It would have taken more than 30 minutes with the source code. Another user also tweeted to pinpoint the cause of the bug during the beta .”

Unfortunately, it seems that this modification does not work if your opponent plays on another platform. It is therefore advisable to play only against opponents on PC, even if Altimor is trying to remedy this problem. In a short time, the mod was downloaded by the players and on Twitter they praised the modder, showing parts of gameplay.

It certainly isn’t a good advertisement for Capcom. Street Fighter 5 underwent a disastrous launch in 2016, the effects of which are still felt today. While the Japanese company has been working on improving things and the DLC characters are still in the release phase, it is clear that the potential of the game has never been fully realized.

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