This Could Be Harry and Meghan’s New Residence


After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they would no longer be senior members of the British Royal Family, rumors of what their new residence will begin to invade the Internet.

Last October, Prince Harry said on his trip to Cape Town, “it would be an amazing place to live” Although they are not fooled, the reality is that the couple plans to take Archie to Canada or LA

That Meghan is originally from Los Angeles has made rumors that they want to live near her mother increase. According to Vanity Fair, the family has been seeing properties in LA. In fact, there are some sources (such as Page Six ) that report that the Duchess of Sussex’s first option is to live there

This all sounds pretty convincing, but Canada is also a strong contender. Harry and Meghan spent Christmas and New Year on Vancouver Island. The privacy they manage to have there is a great point in favor for the country, which is also very close to the Royal Family. According to The Sun, that trip was really an essay to prove what your life would be like there.

The reality is that this change would be less abrupt for the English since Canada is part of the Commonwealth. And we must not forget that Meghan had her residence in Toronto while filming the Suits series, so close sources say they will end up living there.

What is certain is that the decision seems to depend mostly on Meghan. And we can’t wait to see what happens.