45-Year-Old Victoria Beckham Told in Detail What Her Morning Begins With – for Eternal Beauty

Victoria Beckham (photo: instagram.com/VictoriaBeckham)

Breakfast for Victoria was prepared by her 8-year-old daughter

45-year-old Victoria Beckham is a recognized style icon and role model. The well-known British designer is very meticulous in maintaining himself in perfect shape. And it should be recognized that the ex-singer, who this spring will celebrate her 46th birthday, looks excellent and much younger than her age. At the same time, do not forget that Victoria has four children! Fortunately, the beauty does not mind sharing with her fans her “signature” beauty recipes. The other day, Vicki told how her morning begins.

On her Instagram page in the story section, Beckham illustrated in detail the most important period of the day – her healthy morning. Perhaps the sweetest moment of the morning beauty ritual is the breakfast prepared by the 8-year-old daughter Harper-Seven. But first things first!

Waking up, Vicki makes a “miracle drink” that allows the body to wake up. For him you need: a couple of spoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar, a little freshly squeezed lemon juice and water at room temperature. All this is drunk on an empty stomach. Nevertheless, we note: if you have problems with the stomach (gastritis or an ulcer, for example), do not “indulge” with acidity once again!

Also, note that warm water with apple cider vinegar is also in the morning diet of Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr. It is believed that such vodka helps reduce blood sugar, has antibacterial properties, and also helps to more effectively control weight.

Then Vicki proceeds to breakfast, which Harper prepares for her. Everything is simple here: at night we put chia seeds in almond milk. And in the morning we add berries to taste in the energy dish.

Well, coffee – how could it be without him! Despite the general trend of refusing a fragrant drink, Beckham is not going to give up her favorite cup of espresso in the morning.

Energized, the famous British goes to the gym. She spends at least two hours with the coach. And every time her training is diverse: from the usual fitness and stretching to yoga or boxing. Sometimes Vicki is interrupted to breed children in schools. After which she will definitely return to training.

Victoria Beckham (photo: instagram.com/VictoriaBeckham)

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