Romee Strijd Shares Photo From Ten Years Ago With Laurens Van Leeuwen


Dutch supermodel Romee Strijd has been at the top of the modeling world for years (and has since become a true YouTube vlogger ). Someone who has been by her side all the time is her friend (and now husband ) Laurens van Leeuwen. On Thursday, the couple celebrated their ten-year anniversary, with Romee sharing a super cute throwback photo of her and her long-time love.

Romee and Laurens in the past

As we have seen in many vlogs, Romee and Laurens are inseparable and still in love. That is confirmed with the Instagram post of Romee, in which the model shares a cute photo of her and Laurens ten years ago versus now. The couple is dressed in the photo in almost exactly the same outfits and poses in exactly the same bathroom as ten years ago. With the photo, the model shares a loving message: “2010 vs 2020. Can’t believe we’re together for 10 YEARS today! I’m so happy to experience this roller coaster with you! And I feel like I each year more and more love you … “

Romee Strijd and Laurens married

In 2018, rumors circulated for a long time that Romee and Laurens would have said yes to each other. In the end, the couple confirmed that they indeed got married together. “It’s just great that you’ve put together a formal status as you work and while traveling around the world,” as Romee and let know Laurens opposite.

There has not yet been a romantic wedding, but according to Romee, this is planned. She said earlier: “We still have to find the moment to hold our dream wedding and of course wedding photos will follow”. Although we have to wait a little longer for images of the wedding party, we can probably expect many throwback photos of the couple in the future. Last year, Romee once again shared an old, cute snapshot of hers and Laurens, to celebrate his birthday.