Salma Hayek Prefers to Look “Sexy” Than Look “Chubby”


The actress defends herself from those who have criticized her for her outfit at the Golden Globes gala.

Salma Hayek has defended herself from those who criticized her cleavage at the Golden Globes.

The Mexican star used a Gucci dress with a very pronounced neckline, and her image went around the world.

Many trolls on the Internet criticized the actress, but she says she does not regret having used the aforementioned clothing.

“I feel good. I am 53 years old. Why not? ”Said the actress in an interview with ‘Un nuevo Día’. The actress refused to have given herself an arrangement and explained her voluptuousness in this way. “The truth is that I have gained weight and that is where I am going. There was no fix. ”

The actress made it clear that when choosing her wardrobe, she prefers to look “sexy” to look “chubby”. “Sometimes you dress in a way that you look great, sometimes you have to wear things that look too sexy because if not, you look fat. So, I’d rather look sexy than fat, ”she said.