Social Acceleration Group announces collaboration with Olivia Pierson

Social Acceleration group has announced they will be collaborating with E! Personality Olivia Pierson for their next giveaway on Instagram. According to, they are working with Olivia Pierson to give away multiple designer handbags from YSL and Prada.  This giveaway will be offered to fans of Olivia, announced via her Instagram page in February.

Olivia Pierson is a Candian born model and TV star who currently resides in Los Angeles. She has appeared on E! Network shows including Wags, Keeping up with the Kardashians and most recently appeared on her own show Nat & Liv. She has an impressive following of 2.8 million followers on the social media platform, Instagram.

Social Acceleration Group organizes luxury giveaways by collaborating with popular celebrities to bring social media users a rapid increase in followers. Typically, the celebrity uploads a photo of themselves surrounded by all the prizes offered in the giveaway. In order to enter, their fans must follow everyone the host page is following. After several days a winner is announced and one lucky fan wins multiple designer handbags worth several thousand dollars. The giveaway’s are completely free of cost to enter. In the past Social Acceleration Group has worked with Mara Teigen, Amanda Elise Lee and Belle Lucia. Social Acceleration Group has given away YSL bags worth $9000 in August,
Gucci & Louis Vuitton bags worth $10,000 in September and $8000 of YSL bags in December. There is a gallery of winners available to view on their website. So far, the lucky winners of previous giveaways include Nicolle Saba, Holley Stevenson, and Ashley Hanson.

Olivia Pierson’s giveaway is due to go live in early February and will be available to all her fans who follow her on Instagram to enter the giveaway. The prizes are set to be a jumbo YSL bag and 3 Prada bags.

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