Rihanna Poses in Lingerie for Valentine

Rihanna poses for Savage X Fenty (Instagram)

The singer has once again been a model for her own underwear line

There is a month left until Valentine arrives and the stores know it. Many brands have begun to launch their special products for Valentine’s Day, a celebration that many consider extremely commercial but that serves couples to declare their love in a special way. Rihanna knows it, and that’s why she hasn’t hesitated to start promoting her line of lingerie on Instagram. The fact that she acts as a model is the plus that makes networks go crazy with the photos.

Savage X Fenty is the firm with which Rihanna presents her underwear collections designed for all types of women. All-female bodies can find clothes, whatever size they are, and that is what makes Riri’s signature so successful.

This is one of the garments of the special Valentine’s collection that Rihanna has already begun to promote. And what better way to do it through Instagram, a social profile where the artist Barbados has more than 78.2 million followers?

Rihanna has a clear marketing strategy when it comes to making her underwear garments generate interest in the public. And if she does the model work herself and looks at how they would look, success is assured.

Rihanna poses for Savage X Fenty (Instagram)

Again, Rihanna wanted to be the dummy that has posed with the latest news from Savage X Fenty in order to promote the latest news for Valentine’s Day. And of course, she was not mistaken because between the two posts she has made on Instagram she has generated almost 10 million likes.

These are two posts, each with two photographs of Rihanna wrapped in some of the items that can be purchased at Savage X Fenty for Valentine’s Day. Bras, panties, garters, stockings … all red and more than sexy designs.

Rihanna poses for Savage X Fenty (Instagram)

Rihanna is aware of her power of attraction and how putting on the pieces of lingerie herself can lead many women to buy their products. That is why she has posed more than suggestive, wearing underwear as if she were a professional model.

The scene recreates a teenage room where we can see stuffed animals and even an inflatable sofa on which Rihanna rests. A pink light invades all the images, making the final result of the photos give off a sensuality that invites you to buy some of the garments.

As expected, Instagram posts have been filled with likes and comments praising not only the pieces of lingerie but the good work of Rihanna as a model. Meanwhile, some of her fans keep wondering how long they will have to wait to hear some new music from the artist.