Jennifer Lopez Makes It From the High to the Oscar

(Photo: Profimedia - Red Dot)

Many thought Jennifer Lopez would receive the much-awaited Oscar nomination this year for her rendition of Wall Street Butterflies, but unfortunately, things didn’t turn out that way. Of course, fans were immediately blown away, and after the official announcement, Twitter was flooded with outrageous comments that everyone had missed Jennifer on the candidate list:

The star ana told  W magazine that her talent was never truly recognized, and after all these years, people are still amazed that she can really act and sing.

“I feel like I have to constantly convince people that I am not where I am. If a man is good at one thing, he is immediately sent to be a genius, whereas a woman must constantly create something lasting in order to be recognized. Most people underestimate me, it has always been, and always will be. But I admit, I love to refute them! ” Said the actress, who, although she has slipped away from the Academy Award, has no reason to be sad, as she has no year behind her.

  • Wall Street Butterflies produced the best opening weekend of her career.
  • He attended the Met Gala.
  • He will be the star performer at this year’s Super Bowl, which is one of the greatest honors in the industry for a performer.
  • He walked through the Versace fashion show in the iconic dress she wore at an awards ceremony twenty years ago.
  • Got engaged.

And it would be a pity to miss out on the fact that Jennifer is 50 and she looks so fantastic that it’s hard to find words. After that, we can say that the diva doesn’t need an Oscar at all, because, without it, she is perfect and SUCCESSFUL.