Amber Heard: Divorced From Johnny Depp, She Falls in Love With a Woman

Amber Heard

Freshly divorced from actor Johnny Depp, the blonde finds love with a woman, Bianca Butti. The two women were seen more in love than ever.

After rain the good weather

After a long descent into hell, it seems that the actress recovers confidence in love. On January 12, the British magazine “Daily Mail” released photos of Amber, alongside a young woman named Bianca Butti.

Seen in the Californian streets, the two young women looked very accomplices and fulfilled. If her name doesn’t ring a bell, Bianca Butti is a director based in Los Angeles. Even if she coos in the arms of the actress, she has been fighting since 2015 against breast cancer.

Don’t be surprised by Amber’s lesbian relationship. In December 2010, the star announced her bisexuality during the evening of the 25th anniversary of GLAAD (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). She even took the opportunity to introduce her girlfriend of the time, Tasya van Ree.

Difficult years

If today the star of cinema screens appears happier than ever, it was not the case a while ago. Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp have been fighting a merciless legal battle for three years now. Remember, the pretty blonde had met Johnny on the set of Rhum Express in 2011. A year later they formalize their relationship and get married in 2015.

In barely a year, paradise turns into hell. The couple separated the following year and Amber accused the interpreter of Jack Sparrow of domestic violence. Divorce was declared in 2017 but it is only the beginning of a long soap opera. While it was thought that they had finally turned the page on their history, the two ex-doves are going to war today.

Determined to prove her innocence, the dark brunette had recently revealed that the 33-year-old actress had “put a cigarette” on her right cheek after throwing a bottle at him that would have severed her finger. The facts date back to 2015, when they were in Australia. A trial is to be held in August 2020 to allow the two parties to move on.