Ashley Graham: Pregnant and Completely Naked, She Ignites the Canvas!

Ashley Graham | Instagram

Very sulphurous, the model once again appeared naked on Instagram. She published this morning the backstage of a photoshoot, where she is not wearing any clothes.

A daring woman

Right now, half-naked women on social media are not missing. But for Ashley Graham, it’s a different story. 100% naked, she revealed this morning, her rounded belly in ultra sexy photos, maybe even vulgar for some.

Without clothes, and with her face half-hidden by a shadow, the 32-year-old woman poses. The reflections of the sun hit its luscious curves and highlight its baby bump. Under this photo, which already has more than 630,000 likes, she writes: “Happy and eager to meet you, young man. Photograph captured by her dad (Justin Ervin). “

This sensual shot has already reached the 2,300 comment mark, in the space of thirteen hours. Among these, we can read: “a steamy mom” or “wow you shine with a thousand Ashley lights! a sexy woman as we like. It seems that the photo has had an effect and that it makes the greatest happiness of its 10 million subscribers.

Click here to see the uncapped photograph

An accomplished woman

Ashley is happy and it shows. Not only by its good looks but also by its honeyed posts. It has been more than ten years now that she has spun perfect love alongside director Justin Ervin. The African American met his beauty in 2009 at the church and it was love at first sight. From then on, they never let go and married a year later, in a private committee.

Today, the two lovebirds are preparing to welcome their first child. On August 14, 2019, the XL model announces to her community that she will become a mom. Since then, the beautiful brunette does not hesitate to share every moment of her pregnancy, even if it means giving us baby fever. While others choose to live this exceptional moment in the greatest privacy, Ashley wants it to be public.

She unscrupulously reveals her extra roundness, her ultrasound sessions, her stretch marks and her advice as a “new mother”. Today, Ashley Graham is one of the essential figures of fashion. Signed at IMG Models, it has become a catwalk icon, a spokesperson for tall models and the new favorite of major brands.