Kylie and Kendall Jenner Are Being Sued


The sisters have been sued by Klauber Bros Inc., claiming that the sisters used a lace design without permission.

According to reports, the famous sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner are being sued.

Klauber Bros Inc has submitted documents stating that the sisters used a company lace design in their Kendall + Kylie lingerie, reports.

It was argued that the old-looking pattern with curls and spiral flowers looks identical to what they created, and the sisters used the look without obtaining permission, the claim states.

Lingerie items have been sold in Kylie’s Shop and also in Nordstrom.

Klauber Bros., Inc. designs two-dimensional works of art for lace production.

And Klauber has said that the design, which has been protected by copyright, is unequivocally his.

Kylie Thong panties wear one of Klauber’s lace patterns on her waist, according to demand.

And you also see the lace pattern on her black nightgown.

“Klauber is demanding to get all the profits that the brothers have obtained from the designs with their lace,” according to legal documents.