Everything Seems to Indicate That Kylie Jenner Will Open Her Own Museum

Kylie Jenner | Instagram

There is definitely nothing that Kylie Jenner can not achieve because if you are not creating a community of more than 158 million people on Instagram, create a cosmetic empire or, why not, open your own museum!

Apparently, the youngest of the Jenner is plotting something big as international media published that Ky presented 18 registered trademarks that make it look like she is playing with the idea of ​​organizing a convention, and might even be thinking of opening a museum.

The terms «Kylie Con» and «Kylie Kon» were marked with the intention of being used to «organize and direct special events, exhibitions and interactive experiences for social entertainment purposes», as well as «beauty classes and workshops«.

However, the term that most caught my attention (no doubt) was “Kylie Museum” because although it can be a new palette for your make-up firm, the world thinks it will soon open its own museum.

At the moment, Stormi’s mother has said nothing about it, nor her representative, also known as momager – Kris Jenner, however, we are sure that sooner than we think we will hear from this unstoppable family.