The Beautician Revealed Her Backside – Praising the Cellulite Visible in It

Karina Irby | Instagram

Karina Irby is a well-known model on social media and especially on Instagram, also known as the creator of colorful Moana bikinis. An Australian woman spreads the word for a positive self-image and previously told why it is unnecessary for anyone to envy the lives of others. At the same time, she showed what the harsh truth behind some of the celebrity pictures might eventually be.

She is now seen showing off her bikini booties to the camera, but in slightly different ways than one would have expected. Namely, Karina is proud of the cellulite on the backside of her picture and says it openly in her comments. Spreading a positive self-image strikes the finale in this image, and everyone should read what the curveball writes.

Research has shown that social media increases the pressure on young people to look at themselves and can even cause depression. Karina Irby reminded her one million followers that one cannot draw the right conclusions from people’s lives and appearance. Especially when it comes to the Instagram model.