Do You Want To Talk To JLo? The Singer Publishes Her Number And Asks To Be Written

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been keeping her phone number public for months to keep in touch with her fans; The number is visible on your Instagram and Twitter profile

United States.- Keeping in touch with Jennifer Lopez is apparently within reach of a text message, as the interpreter and actress keep her telephone number available to the public

The information on the Instagram and Twitter profiles of the ‘Diva del Bronx’ includes her personal number, something that the actress decided to do to launch a dynamic a few months ago. 

JLo gave the opportunity for two lucky fans to attend the premiere of Hustlers in Toronto, Canada. The only thing that the interpreter’s followers had to do was send certain information to their phone number:  +1 (305) 690-0379

Two women were the winners of the dynamic and, indeed, accompanied JLo to the spectacular premiere. 

Since then, Alex Rodriguez’s fiance keeps the number on her social media profiles public and asks her loyal fans to keep in touch with her, since the word “write me” can be read before the digits. 

Jennifer Lopez is in the midst of preparations for the show halftime of the Super Bowl, where he will share the stage with Shakira

Also, the singer and dancer have monopolized the sights with her assistance to various galas of the seventh art awards season, in most of which she has received a nomination for her role in Hustlers

The night of this Sunday, January 19, JLo dazzled in a long black dress in the delivery of the SAG Awards