For This Serious Mistake, Shakira Faces An International Diva. The Super Bowl Burns!


The Colombian singer did something unthinkable for someone in her career.

Anyone can make a mistake, but when it comes to an international figure like Shakira even the slightest carelessness can lead to a catastrophe … Ok, maybe we are exaggerating a bit! But let’s agree that the detail we are talking about can generate a battle of jealousy.

The situation is as follows: as we reported in Minuto Entertainmentthe Colombian singer has just released her new song “I like” with Anuel AA.

To promote the new song, Shakira made some tweaks in her look and even returned to her old hair color, which generated a burst of joy among her fans.

To be honest, no matter what you wear, Gerard Piqué’s wife always looks good, or at least when it is shown in public, but this time he made the wrong choice.

Why? Well, because for the photos that accompany the theme a minidress was worn that Jennifer Lopez used four years ago. That is, Shakira, copied the idea or JLo had a gesture of charity and gave him an old and used garment.

The disputed garment is a pink dress with a “V” neckline and openings under the chest and sides. Also, to make it stand out even more,  Shakira combined it with a down jacket, while Jennifer conquered everyone with the same outfit during an awards ceremony.

In a few days, Shakira and JLo will share the Super Bowl 2020 stage and the occasion will be propitious to know if the Bronx diva reproaches the Colombian singer, or just laughs at her foolish choice.