Selfie Mortal! Kourtney Kardashian Does It From His Car And The Temperature Rises

Kourtney Kardashian

The Californian knows very well how to take advantage of her attributes.

Being one of the most influential women in the world, as Kourtney Kardashian is, implies great sacrifices. In addition to dealing with fame, being part of the Californian Jet Set includes staying on top of the target 365 days a year, after all, you never know when you’ll be captured by some means of communication.

Being one of the most media celebrities, the older sister of the Kardashian dynasty has shown that in addition to belonging to one of the most affluent families of the show, she has many qualities that make her shine with her own light.

One of Kourtney’s attributes, at 40, is to have an enviable body that without resorting to too many ornaments, manages to be the center of attention in each of her appearances.

In addition, Kardashian has also shown that she has a talent for business and works as a successful businesswoman with her own brand of cosmetics and perfumes.

Although some have cataloged it with the least popular of the Kardashian, it could rather be said that it has the most balanced and mature personality, so it has not been involved in as many controversies as to its sisters.

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what movie ?

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However, Kourtney is the holder of the bulky number of more than 85 million followers on his Instagram account, who do not lose track of him for a second and remain expectant for each of his posts.

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say good morning

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To delight those thirsty content fans, Kourtney recently published a selfie from his car, in which he shows his exotic face in the foreground and without exhibiting much skin, manages to arouse the curiosity of his followers with his infamous pose.