The Harsh Accusation Of Salma Hayek That Plunges Harvey Weinstein Even Further

Salma Hayek

The actress recalled the difficulties she had to overcome because of the producer.

In the same week that the trial against Harvey Weinstein began, Salma Hayek was in charge of destroying her public image even more by ensuring, among other things, that the Hollywood producer boycotted one of her films because she refused to modify her appearance and look “more daring.”

Harvey Weinstein is charged with four counts of “sexual assault” and  Salma Hayek, among other artists, is one of the members of the witness list presented by the complaint.

With courage, the Mexican actress told what the famous producer did during the filming of “Frida” (2002). “As a producer of that movie, it hindered me in every way. He tried to sink it and I had to do everything possible to keep going, despite all her absurd requests and wanting to rewrite it, “he said.

“I wanted her to be more daring, she asked me to thin my eyebrows. And after I refused to do all those things, he boycotted me as revenge. However, that film won six Oscar nominations and won two, “said  Hayek, who in addition to testifying at the trial in New York, must do the same in Los Angeles, where they will also judge the producer.

It should be remembered that sometime before the trial that began this week, Weinstein had also been accused of assaulting Salma and forcing her to perform high-pitched scenes, although the producer denied these accusations.

In spite of that, the actress continued her fight, because in her opinion “it is important that we start talking about the representation of women and minorities in the film industry. In my beginnings we could not talk about this because it could be very detrimental to your reputation, “but now Salma has decided to speak on behalf of all the women who suffered the same as her.

In addition to the Mexican actress, Charlize Theron and a notable group of renowned Hollywood actresses will also testify against Harvey Weinstein.