Unpublished! Victoria Beckham Went Over Glasses, Neglected And Was Seen To The Soul Zoom Into The Photo!

Victoria Beckham

The British designer could not control the situation and this happened.

The famous designer, businesswoman and former British singer, Victoria Beckham, who reached the cusp of her fame in the 90s, is still a reference in the world of fashion and good taste.

Already a little further from the land of the show business, the wife of former footballer David Beckham continues to be an influencer in the fashion industry, her Instagram account being one of her main exhibition windows.

Where it has remained strong treading is the category of fashion editorials, where Victoria is constantly the cover of prestigious magazines such as Elle and Harper’s Bazar.

Who integrated the famous group of pop music of England in the 90s, known as “Spice Girls”, these days were seen in their social networks while getting ready in a beauty salon with a somewhat compromising pose.

Beckham was sitting cross-legged in a white silk robe, while her stylist was combing her hair and she had a glass of wine. When he tried to take a selfie, he did not notice that everything was visible and her networks exploded.

In relation to the obvious transformation of her face, which at her age no longer looks like that young woman who once conquered the stages, the fashion designer has revealed not to fear the passage of time.

“It doesn’t bother me to get older and I’m not going to try to look younger than I am. I just want to look good and healthy for my age: try to become the best version of myself and take care of myself. The truth is that I don’t want to change anything about my appearance, ” Beckham told an important media outlet.