Andrea Escalona Cheers On Blue Monday By Showing Leg With Short ‘Cachetero’

Andrea Escalona

Hoy’s famous presenter, Andrea Escalona, ​​stole sighs while showing leg while wearing a sexy ‘cachetero’ short

Mexico City.-  Andrea Escalona made her followers happy with a spicy photo because she said she was not willing to be part of the people who suffer from  Blue Monday, the third Monday in January that is classified as the most depressing day of the year.

The host of the program  Hoy used her Instagram account to send a series of tips to her fans to prevent sadness from invading them during the day.

I recommend that you do today especially things that you like: read, meditate, eat something rich, share and focus on your blessings, “Andy wrote.

Escalona accompanied the publication with a couple of photos in which he boasts her legs while wearing a sensual short ‘cachetero’ that is combined with a blazer as well as a blouse and black boots.

You are beautiful heart. “

How I love you. “

Beautiful as always”.