Rosalía Shivers, Shakes And Moves With Her Super Small Short!


The cantate expands its empire.

Rosalia explodes! Explode and shudder. Shake. It moves. 2019 was her great year. The international takeoff. The year the world met her. 2020 will then be that of the expansion of the empire.

Prizes here, prizes there, awards of all kinds await the interpreter of “With height”. Several American Grammy nominations prove it.

And while preparing the show he will give during the gala of those awards, Rosalia has fun on social networks.

Also in that world, in one of the uncontrolled fans and the poisonous haters, the Spanish singer has firmly planted her bases. With the same that is planted on a stage to the delight of her followers.

Rosalía’s last posts are so attractive that we don’t know which one to stay with. So we select two that are a true delight for the eyes.

On the video, there is not much to add, except for the detail of multicolored nails and gigantic dimensions. That is why we recommend to increase the volume and enjoy.

On the photos, however, there is much to talk about, but it is preferable that you draw your own conclusions. We will only say that with that mini short Rosalia melts any retina.