VIDEO: Lis Vega Shows Off Her Most Intimate Tattoos In An Indecent Bikini

The imposing singer, model and actress, Lis Vega

The 42-year-old Cuban surprised again with her hot videos, this time she showed off her multiple tattoos, which are distributed throughout her amazing body

Mexico City.- Once again,  Lis Vega raised the temperature of Instagram with a series of daring videos from the beach where she shows the tattoos that adorn her sculptural figure.

Each tattoo is a story to remember and live again, ”wrote the model.

In the footage, the Cuban wears her black and gold bikini curves quite suggestive and takes the opportunity to show off her different tattoos before the camera lens. 

The 42-year-old singer and actress also consented to her more than 966 thousand followers of the social network with a couple of images of the same ‘getaway’ to the sea.