Barbara De Regil, In Favor Of Narcoseries: “They Do Not Spread Violence”

Bárbara de Regil supports the narcoseries

After the tragedy in Torreón, Coahuila, the actress, Barbara de Regil, said that for her the narco series is not to blame for spreading violence

Mexico City .- The Mexican actress, Barbara de Regil reported that narco series are promoting violence, after the events in TorreónCoahuila this January.

At home it is where we create the human beings that are going to go out, not in the movies, nor in the series, nor in the video games, ”he said.

After the tragic death of the teacher and the child, the authorities said that video games and narconovelas were the reasons for the child to react in a violent way.

Every day I talk to my daughter, I sow seeds on her head. If you watch TV you watch bullets, as in real life, but not because you see it, you will do it, “said the actress of Rosario Tijeras.

De Regil said that now he finds several projects at the door, both in film and television

I am waiting for two films and a series for the United States, but I cannot say anything at the moment, “he concluded.