Jason Momoa Visits Children’s Hospital: “I Met A Lot Of Brave”

The 40-year-old actor Jason Momoa

Renowned actor Jason Momoa, who currently works in the Aquaman sequel, shared emotional photos on Instagram with children from a children’s hospital in the city of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, USA.- The famous Jason Momoa who currently works in the Aquaman sequel has made a stop in filming to pay a visit to the children of the Pittsburgh Children ‘s Hospital. There, the actor has been able to talk with the children and their families to give them their support and convey a message of struggle and improvement. 

The best part of being Aquaman is to cheer up the kids with my Aloha, “Momoa wrote in a post on his personal Instagram account. 

I had a little time before working to go through the UPMC hospital in Pittsbutgh, and there I met a lot of brave and strong babies , all my ‘Aloha’ for families, “the text continues.

The publication includes several photographs in which the actor appears posing with the children and their families“Joshua and I bet that if I beat a pulse my trident would be taken,” he says in the text about the first photograph, in which Momoa “competes” with one of the children. “See you on the set of Aquaman 2, Joshua. Stay strong,” he says goodbye.