On Top Of Her Car, Danik Michell Leaves Little To The Imagination In Leggings

On top of his car, Danik Michell leaves little to the imagination in leggings

The driver, Danik Michell, through her Instagram account shared a sensual photo from inside a sports car

The driver, Danik Michell, through her Instagram account, shared a sensual photo, in which she can be seen in transparent leggings from inside her car.

In the image, the celebrity is seen wearing an amazing racing outfit which almost leaves nothing to the imagination, when observing part of her underwear.

We are all of age to throw overboard feelings that are useless and stay only with those who help us live, ”he wrote.

At the moment, her last update has 95 thousand 312 ‘ likes ‘, in addition to 201 comments, in which several compliments can be read.