Unusual! Luis Miguel And Aracely Arámbula Were Together By Contract?

Luis Miguel, Aracely Arámbula

The artists began their history in 2005.

When it seemed that Luis Miguel had finally sat head and covered all the covers with her then partner Aracely Arambula, came the surprising news that they separated; Here we have the possible reasons.

While everyone applauded the marriage between Luismi and Aracely thanks to how good they looked together and the love that flowed between them, things inside were not right until news broke about the breakup.

Everything happened with legal problems and the smile that once showed each other, disappeared completely, now they are only joined by a bond that is their children, but even they have suffered the estrangement from the Sun of Mexico.

The first son of the couple is given Luis Miguel, just like the father, then with the passing of two years, the family announced that it would grow when Aracely got pregnant again, this time from little Daniel.

The beginning of the end occurred when Luis Miguel recognized Michel Salas as her daughter, the product of her past relationship with Stephanie Salas.

Since then much has been speculated, to the point of saying that the Mexican and Arambula were together for a contract in which she would receive 50 thousand dollars a month, for each of the 3 children they were going to have, this was denied by the actress.

It was until 2009 that the hidden story was uncovered and they no longer lived together. Two years passed, and in 2011 he sued Luis Miguel for not wanting to spend time with her children and asked for immediate support for her offspring. So far, both Aracely and Luis Miguel are surrounded by mystery and protect their personal lives very well and no more conflicts are known.