Above The Table, Tábata Jalil Falls In Love With Her Fans In Short Dress

Above the table, Tábata Jalil falls in love with his fans in short dress

The host of Venga la Alegría, Tábata Jalil, through her Instagram account, shared a sensual photo in the forum

The driver of Venga la AlegríaTábata Jalil, through her Instagram account, shared a sensual photo in which she is seen wasting beauty on top of a table .

It is worth mentioning that one of her daily routines is to share her ‘outfit’, so this occasion did surprise fans and spectators of the morning.

If you are not willing to compromise your heart, do not say that easy that simple, ”he wrote.

With just 11 hours, her latest update currently records 49 thousand 696 likes, in addition to 559 comments.

A hottie. “