Esmeralda Ugalde, Sister of Ana Bárbara, Delights With a Bikini of Hearts

The beautiful conductor and singer, Esmeralda Ugalde

The former participant of Exatlón and La Academia, Esmeralda Ugalde, turned on the social networks again after showing off her slim but marked figure with a flirty black bikini

The driver of Corazon GruperoEsmeralda Ugalde, surprised her more than 545 thousand followers of Instagram with a tiny bikini.

Live, let go of fear and whatever happens will happen, ”wrote the famous.

In the photographs, Esmeralda is seen posing on a yacht wearing a cute black swimsuit with heart ornaments that revealed her careful silhouette.

The 28-year-old presenter has proven to be a talented young woman and at a young age has managed to conquer the public with her charisma and beauty.

Ana Barbara’s younger sister’s post quickly filled up with likes and hundreds of comments where flattery was not lacking.