He Is A Hero! After Receiving An Award, Joaquin Phoenix Had A Great Gesture With The Animals

Joaquin Phoenix

The famous actor sympathized with a noble cause.

Without a doubt, Joaquin Phoenix is the actor of the moment. With his incredible performance in the movie “The Joker”, the actor has won a lot of awards.

But after having taken the statuette for being the Best Male Interpreter in the awards ceremony of the Actors Guild, the American actor made a somewhat controversial visit to a pig slaughterhouse.

It is that in a video posted on Facebook we see how, after the ceremony, Joaquin Phoenix participated in an intervention made by a group of activists in a slaughterhouse of pigs, in which he appeared in a suit to give animals a drink.

“Most people don’t really know torture and murder in the meat and dairy industry. I’ve seen it as it is, so I have to be here,” the famous actor had said.

The message that the interpreter of “The Joker” wants to convey is that humans are “indoctrinated with happy images of animals on farms, on the lids of meat containers, in restaurants and it is a lie.”

For this new appearance, the award-winning actor used a water spray and gave the animals that were in the front row to drink, in the same suit that led to the ceremony.

In this way, Joaquin Phoenix insists on the need to “make changes” in daily life and gave us an example that there was no need to “go by private plane to Palm Springs,” where the awards ceremony was held and announced that “I hoped to make things better.”