No Hard Feelings! Kylie Jenner And Kim Kardashian Shared A Makeup Session

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian

The youngest of the Kardashian presented her line of makeup with her sister.

Over the years we have seen that both Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, will always be news, either by some media scandal or simply by the appearances they make.

Some time ago it was believed that the famous Kardashian sisters were estranged. Also, remember that Kylie is surpassing her older sister in every way.

The truth is that both models are very attractive and every day they are more active in social networks since they usually show the enormous curves that characterize, not only Kylie Jenner and Kim but also the whole Kardashian family.

On her official Instagram account, the younger sister of the Kardashian announced that she posted a new YouTube video with her sister Kim. In addition, she invited her fans to listen to them answering some questions.

On this occasion, the young cosmetics businesswoman and Kanye West’s wife shared a fun video, in which the sisters were seen trying on makeup.

Immediately, Kylie Jenner’s new video took more than three million views, while her Instagram post added a similar number of Likes.