Salma Hayek Did Something Unthinkable And Is Unrecognizable. Is She?

Salma Hayek

Original and fun, the actress moves the networks.

Salma Hayek recognized a few days ago that at the beginning of her career no brand wanted to dress her. He also recalled the hard time he had to live to become one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood.

“When I just started, it was difficult to earn my place as a stranger. No one wanted to dress me, so with a lot of effort, I created my own style,” the Mexican actress revealed during an interview with Vogue magazine.

The interpreter of Frida Kahlo recognized that at that time “I did not know the environment” and “for others it was just ‘the Mexican girl’ that nobody knew and many times I had to invent dresses out of nowhere with very little budget and without help”.

Salma also revealed that at that time she was a pioneer in the use of tiaras as a gala accessory, but she complained that she was never recognized for having set a trend because she was a little known actress.

“No one believed in me, they just thought I would be passing through for a while and that my name would soon be forgotten. That’s why my creativity for a while was my only way out,” he said.

However, even when fame and success are already a fact in her life, Salma continues to set a trend, plays with her look no matter what they will say, and anticipates everything. As an example of them is the image you just shared on your Instagram account, and in which you can see it in a very different way. So much that she doesn’t even look like her.

The actress does not clarify to what time of her life the image belongs, but it matters little. Short hair is so, but so, good that he should return to that look, in which her eyes and mouth stand out. Creative, original and beautiful, Salma Hayek demonstrates why she is at the top of the sky.