The Hard Images That Scare Madonna Fans: The Diva Suffers More and More


He had to cancel all of her presentations in Europe.

There has been much speculation about Madonna’s health and it is not for less. In addition to canceling several shows during her tour of the United States, he also had to do it during the one he started in Portugal, where he will make her last presentation on Thursday, January 23. But that is not all. What worries her followers most is that the singer uses her cane more and more to be able to mobilize.

Although Madonna spoke a few days ago about what is happening to her, her daughter Mercy James showed that the situation that afflicts her is serious. During the last presentation in Portugal, Madonna called her daughter on stage to wish her a happy birthday (14) and dedicate some beautiful words: “Never settle for the second-best,” the singer told the audience. But in turn, after thanking him, Mercy gave clues about her mother’s pains.

“I thank you for giving me a life I would not have had if I had not adopted it. I thank you for everything, I really appreciate it. You are very strong and deserve everything. I know you are going through a difficult time with your injury, ” Madonna’s daughter replied, then assuring that she will always be with her to take care of her.

In addition to sharing that sweet moment in her Instagram account, the Queen of Pop also published a video about the celebrations that took place in her dressing room and there she can be seen while climbing some stairs with the help of a cane.

“In each song, I said a prayer to get the concert over. My prayers were heard and I got it. I consider myself a fighter, I never quit, I never give up and never will. However, this time I have to listen to my body and accept that my pain is a warning (…) I have spent the last two days with doctors: scanners, ultrasound, X-rays, probing, crying … “, Madonna acknowledged days before her He toured Europe and after having canceled six shows in the United States.

Then, on social networks, the diva shared with her fans: “I have been told very clearly that if I am going to continue with my tour, I should rest as much as possible so as not to cause major and irreversible damage to my body. I have never let an injury prevents me from acting, but this time I have to accept that it is no shame to be human and that I have to press the pause button. I appreciate all the understanding, love and support. As Batuka says, it is a long way. Lord, have mercy. Things have to change. ”

This Thursday, after her last presentation in Lisbon, Madonna is supposed to return to the United States, where he undoubtedly awaits a long rest time. We will have to see, then, how long the Queen will stay away from the stage.