Video: At The Rhythm Of Reggaeton, Lis Vega Moves Her Charms In A Bikini

The singer, model and actress, Lis Vega

At 42, the extroverted Lis Vega showed her well-groomed body with a sensual and colorful bikini with which she moved her hips to the rhythm of reggaeton 

Mexico City.- Lis Vega fans cheered their week after the model shared with them a sensual video where they move their physical attributes to the rhythm of the music.

That’s how I have my energy today, ”Vega said in the clip.

Through her Instagram account, the singer and actress were seen in a small bikini with which she showed her most sensual dance steps from the pool.

With this, the sensual Cuban shows that at 42 years of age there is no impediment to achieving an incredible figure because she has achieved it with exercise, healthy eating, and a good attitude.