Video: Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Lingerie Collection On Instagram

The popular 28-year-old model, Emily Ratajkowski

The British supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski, demonstrates once again why she is considered a fashionista; a couple of photos in underwear was enough to reaffirm her title 

London, United Kingdom.- Various celebrities have taken a slight break from the cold and have taken refuge in the heat of the beach. Or they have simply chosen to free themselves from clothing to raise the temperature of the nets.

Some of them have shown their charms and Emily Ratajkowski, the famous supermodel, did not have to be left behind. That’s why we recently saw her as happy as she showed her sculptural figure on Instagram with different types of lingerie.

However, beyond showing off her sculptural body, Ratajkowski, 28, has let him see the next season of her line of underwear and bikinis.