Video: Pregnant? Bulky Belly Of Chiquis Rivera Would Give Her Away

The television star, Chiquis Rivera

Singer Chiquis Rivera has long shared her desire to be a mother with her husband, however, the detection of a cyst has prevented it so far

Mexico City.- According to recent rumors, singer Chiquis Rivera, daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, could be pregnant with her husband Lorenzo Méndez, ex-vocalist of The Original Banda El Limón.

This arises from some photographs in which the famous is interviewed, there the most observers could notice that Chiquis has a suspicious bulge in the belly, so the rumors of a possible pregnancy did not wait.

So far neither of the two artists has made the news of a possible pregnancy official, but their followers are excited and waiting for them to give a statement where this is confirmed.

In early 2019, Janney Marín Rivera, her real name, wanted to take an important step in his life and freeze her eggs to ensure her future motherhood, however after performing the procedure in a clinic, the doctor informed him that he could not Do anything since you had found a cyst.