A Fraud? the Deceptions That Justin Bieber Uses to Be at the Top of the Billboards

Justin Bieber

The Canadian has done even the lowest so that his last song is positioned.

It is no secret to anyone that every artist is capable of doing anything as long as his material is at the top of the world charts, and this is what singer Justin Bieber has done.

The new single from the Canadian “Yummy” has managed to quickly sneak into the Billboard charts, this, thanks to an arduous and deceptive work done by the singer’s communication team.

But few times are known, in which it is the same artist is the one who encourages these deceptions, this is what the artist has been doing with his communication team who have reposted several Instagram images where they teach their Fans like driving the new song.

Although they have quickly rushed to erase the images, it could be seen from a FanPage of the Canadian artist, as in 5 images they taught to cheat on Spotify or iTunes so that the song “Yummy” accounted for the largest number of listeners and became the dearest to the public.

“Justin really wants that number 1 and is very excited about the song, as he said yesterday on a live show,” read the post that Bieber would later refuel. “If you don’t want to do anything I say next, it’s fine alike, just ignore this post. These are tips for those people who really want to make an extra effort for their favorite artist!”

The aforementioned cheat tips were very specific for each application. For Spotify, for example, he asked that playlists be created only with the song Yummy and let it sound all night while he is asleep; For iTunes or Bieber’s own website, buy the song with several different accounts.

These practices are more common than it seems, as happened to Harry Styles when his fans around the world mass-coordinated to use a VPN when listening to his song Sign of the Times or, beyond that, a BTS fan account. distributed 1,000 Spotify accounts to help listen to the album Love Yourself: Tear.