Disseminate Images of Madonna’s Hard Rehabilitation: Ice, Massages and a Lot of Pain


In spite of everything, the diva does not stop.

The axiom is otherwise known: “the show must go on!” However, few artists understand the true meaning of that phrase, the sacrifice it implies, the tenacity it demands … except for Madonna. For her, the function must always continue, even when she leaves her health in the attempt.

At 61, with more than 520 million net worth and with more than 300 million records sold, Madame X does not need to prove anything to anyone. But is. She advances despite those knee pains that led her to cancel eight shows in recent months, and even though doctors ask her to take a break.

Madonna’s sacrifice moves. Every day on tour the Queen of Pop must undergo massages and long baths with ice water so that her sore muscles are deflated. In addition, every so often, blood transfusions should be performed to regenerate damaged tissue …

But in spite of everything, the Like A Virgin star continues and already prepares the shows she will offer in Paris and London. In fact, there is a possibility that you will extend your presentations to the rest of Europe, and even to Asia and Australia.

“Doing my show every night gives me a lot of joy and canceling is a kind of punishment for me,” Madonna told her fans. “But the pain I feel now is overwhelming and I have to rest and follow the doctors’ orders so I can come back stronger and better and continue the journey of Madame X with all of you, “he added.

A few days before arriving in the United Kingdom, the diva shared a video in which she was seen climbing stairs with great effort: “Thank God for my beautiful vintage cane,” was her comment. Meanwhile, an earlier video showed her in the middle of a medical treatment: “Infusing the blood … Dripping vitamins … Tibetan bowls … singing and meditation. I felt amazing afterward! ”He said about it.

“Do not let yourself be influenced by the society that tries to make you feel somehow regarding your age or what you are supposed to do,” says Madonna to silence those who criticize her. That’s why she is the great Queen of Pop. Because it always advances against everything and against all. “Show must go on!”