Attentive! Kourtney Kardashian Wears A Risky Costume And … This Happened!

Kourtney Kardashian

The celebrity became creative and the result is surprising.

The always beautiful Kourtney Kardashian has proven to be an empowered woman who has no fear of showing herself as she is, accepting her flaws and highlighting her virtues, which by the way, are many.

The eldest of the Kardashian is considered one of the most focused figures of her extravagant family, being the one who has a more equanimous character and demonstrates this in her daily life.

Although he does not escape the ostentatious life of the Kardashian-Jenner, he has tried to maintain the balance between her personal life and the “show business”.

However, in her social networks, Kourtney knows very well how to keep her number of followers at the top, letting himself be seen almost daily in infamous photographs, just like her sisters.

In the most recent, the Kardashian is portrayed lying down from her bed wearing mouse ears together with a mini mesh veil, which makes her look stunning without showing too much.

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lipstick launch

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With its characteristic porcelain face and a very suggestive pose, the selfie has managed to get the attention of all its fans, who spared no praise to praise the daughter of Kris Jenner.

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gothic Minnie

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“Gothic Minnie” is the comment that Kourtney wrote at the foot of the publication, with which in a very naughty way he gave free rein to the imagination of her audience, making more than one sigh.