In The Heat Of The Sun! Victoria Beckham Shakes It Very Well, You Will Remember The Spice Girls!

Victoria Beckham

The designer has shown that she still knows how to move.

The important businesswoman Victoria Beckham, revolutionized the world when in the year 1996 the British group Spice Girls rose to fame, of which she was part.

With the nickname of Posh Spice, the singer and dancer, he married the English footballer, David Beckham, with whom he has 4 children.

Victoria has been away from the stage for many years and now only stands behind them by becoming a fashion designer where she has her own brand called DVB (David Victoria Beckham).

However, being away from music has not prevented the former Spice Girls from maintaining a figure envied by many, and this is because she keeps on performing constant exercise and dance routines as she has shown on the networks.

In fact, in one of her latest posts on her personal Instagram account, David’s wife is seen, dancing on what appears to be a waterfront pier, and performing a choreography under the heat of the sun.

Victoria’s video already exceeded quite a million and a half views and has been filled with comments that remind her stage in the Spice Girls, where one of the biggest attractions, were the dances.

The Posh Spice has more than 27 million followers in the social network who have been surprised by the still way of moving of the 45-year-old businesswoman.