Meet The Dolly Parton “Challenge”, The Comic Challenge That Rages Among Celebrities

The networks burn.

Will Smith, Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres or Drew Barrymore are just some of the celebrities who signed up for the  Dolly Parton “challenge”, whose sole purpose is to have fun and, at the same time, make fun of the different styles proposed by LinkedIn social networks, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.

This comic  “Challenge”  emerged a little less than a week ago and is already all the rage on all social networks. Especially since the top Hollywood stars decided to join the original and funny occurrence of Dolly.

The truth is that Dolly started the “challenge” without trying. Her original idea was to make a special post for her 74th birthday, and he decided to put together a postcard with four different images.

“Get a woman who can do it all,” Dolly Parton wrote in the message that accompanied the combo. The first image corresponded to its Linkedin network (commonly used to get a job), so the singer opted for an image in which she appears in a sober and demure style. 

The second photo, somewhat more recent, referred to the style of Facebook, so Dolly used a Christmas sweater in which the message “Holly Dolly” is read.

Instead, to emulate the Instagram requirement, the singer opted for a photograph of her youth, in black and white, and with a guitar; while for Tinder (the dating network) Parton used the cover of Playboy magazine that starred in 1978.

Such was the rage that generated this challenge of Dolly Parton, that in addition to generating the spontaneous reaction of the most renowned artists in Hollywood, in just three days he obtained more than 500 thousand Likes on Instagram and about 28 thousand retweets. Do you sign up too?