Paty Cantú Shares Her ‘Profile’ Photos Of Her Social Networks; Also Tinder

Paty Cantú shares her 'profile' photos of her social networks; also Tinder

The singer, Paty Cantú, through her Instagram account, shared a fun image of her supposed social media profiles such as Tinder, Facebook, etc.

 The singer, Paty Cantú, through her Instagram account, shared a fun composition in which she gathered her supposed profiles from different social networks.

In the image, you can see some snapshots of the interpreter’s childhood, in addition to her in a bathing suit at the edge of the beach.

Which version beats you the most? ”He wrote.

With just one hour, her last post has seven thousand 941 ‘ likes ‘, in addition to 126 comments, with good interactions with her joke, where he said he has no Tinder.