Safety Pin! Cristiano Ronaldo Unleashes The Delirium Of His Fans With His Steel Muscles

Cristiano Ronaldo

The soccer star not only shakes the stadiums.

The year has started very strongly for the renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, who started this new decade with the intention of remaining very active in his social networks while keeping his audience very restless.       

Being one of the most envied bodies of the sports environment, Cristiano not only has the fortune of being praised for his talent on the court but also enjoys the joy of being a symbol of male beauty throughout the world.

Recently, the Portuguese star shared a photo on his Instagram account that has made all his fans rave, being one of the most striking in which he has been seen so far.  

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In the aforementioned photo, Georgina Rodríguez’s couple is exhibited in their underwear while posing sitting from a car, showing their toned legs and sculpted abdomen.

It was known that the image belongs to a campaign of his own clothing line, with which the famous footballer has ventured as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry and has so far been very well received by his fans.

“Looking back at the photo session last summer and one of my favorite photos. In addition, one of my favorite pieces of the CR7 autumn collection, ”commented the Juventus striker at the bottom of the publication.

There is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo, in addition to triumphing on the field, is a heartbreaker of social networks, being one of the most influential figures in the sports world.