Salma Hayek Apologizes For A Book That ‘Paints’ An “Infernal And Illiterate” Mexico

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek was harshly criticized after presuming a book recommended by Oprah Winfrey; the Mexican actress later apologized as she discovered that this, as the Latino community has spread, “painted Mexico as hell”

Mexico City.- Salma Hayek applied the saying: “to make mistakes is human, but it is wise to accept and correct it”, and after the publication in which he recommended the book American Dirt, which has received endless criticism for her Mexican migration story, decided to clarify the situation.

Through a message on their networks, the Mexican actress explained:

Yesterday I uploaded a message about a book, which I already removed from my Instagram. I want to tell you that when Oprah sent me this selection from her book club, I was excited to read in the description about a Mexican woman and hurried to share my excitement with you. I confess that I had not read the book or was aware of the controversy it has generated. “

I want to thank all of you who caught my attention and scolded me for not having investigated well what I was recommending. That means they know me and gave me the benefit of the doubt. I apologize for talking about something without having experienced it or without having informed me better. “

It should be noted that in addition to Salma, other personalities of the artistic medium such as Yalitza Aparicio , Gina Rodriguez and Mj Rodriguez turned to their networks these days to recommend the book sent to them by the renowned television host Oprah Winfrey.

Several authors and personalities of the Latino community did not hesitate to express their opinion on the book:
The American Dirt novel by  American Jeanine Cummins paints Mexico as hell. Exactly what Donald Trump thinks of him: a place full of illiterate, crazy people who are killing each other, “says Mexican-American writer and translator David Bowles .