“You Look Like Picasso’s Picture”: Thalia Uses Low-Cut Color and Stone Corsets

Thalía, singer and Mexican actress

Thalia uploaded several images to her Instagram account in which she appears with a rather extravagant outfit when wearing a low cut corset of colors and stones, colored pants and people, as well as blue gloves. 

The United States .- Thalía surprised her fans by having a totally radical ‘look’ change which she showed on her social networks

No matter who is 48 years old, Tommy Mottola’s wife uploaded several images on her Instagram account that left her fans open-mouthed. 

The corset of colors and stones, wearing blue gloves, pants of many colors and strange designs, the Mexican singer posed from a table next to a lamp. 

Everything was for a photo session in which he posed for a page that talks about artists and this time they highlighted the career in Mexican music.