Amazing! Taylor Swift Confesses That Her Haters Made Him Suffer A Terrible Disorder

Taylor Swift

In a few days, he will release a documentary about her life.

The followers of the singer Taylor Swift, are waiting for the documentary Miss American that follows in the footsteps of the singer for several years and in which many secrets of the artist will be revealed.

However, some of those secrets have already been revealed and it certainly speaks of one of the most complicated and difficult situations that Swift had to go through in the middle of her career.

Recently, information came to light that Taylor’s mother is suffering from a brain tumor, something that has undoubtedly affected her, but in the documentary, the singer is sincere and comments on the disorder she went through.

The singer confesses that being young, she suffered from an eating disorder because of the comments made by some of her supposed fans. She comments that it was when she was just beginning her career and some photos of some paparazzi leaked, “A photo was published in which I was going out and in which it seemed that my gut was too large. Someone said I looked pregnant … and that triggered me to stop eating. “

In fact, Taylor explains that there were times when her tours were in danger due to her weak health. “I thought I was going to pass out at the end of the show … or halfway through it.”

In addition to this, the documentary will talk about the year the artist spent without leaving her home or the inspiration she needed to begin to pronounce herself politically, assumes that this situation and those comments next to the image affected her radically.

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“Now I realize that if you eat, you have energy, you become stronger, you can do all these concerts and shows and not feel nervous,” reveals the singer.