Beautiful! Selena Gomez’s Tight Dress Paralyzes Your Heart

Selena Gómez

She was interviewed by Jennifer Aniston and fell in love with those present.

The artist Selena Gómez, was invited to the Ellen DeGeneres program and was interviewed by one of her favorite personalities, as she herself confessed, Jennifer Aniston.

Selena told the story of how they met at the request of the Aniston Own “We have known each other for years, you have been at my house, we have eaten pizzas, girl by my own heart”, after this, the Friends actress asked her to tell the anecdote

The young singer decided to tell the story, “No one knew who I was. You were in the bathroom in a black dress, and I think we were at a Vanity Fair event and I was there with my mother and I went to the bathroom and I saw you and you were so kind. ”

To which Gomez continued “You just came out of the bathroom and you were coming back, and my heart stopped. And I got scared and ran to my mother and said: ‘My God, I just saw Jennifer Aniston ‘,

Selena appeared on the show wearing a small black dress and very tight to her body that captivated everyone present in the studio.

Justin Bieber’s ex decided to share the photos of her meeting on her personal Instagram account where she has an incredible amount of more than 166 million followers.

The image far exceeds the amount of 5 million likes, which is a clear example of the artist’s reach because the snapshot has only been on the net for 12 hours.