Erica Durance And Laura Vandervoort From ‘Smallville’ Share Fun Photo

Erica Durance played 'Lois Lane' in fiction

Erica Durance and Laura Vandervoort shared credit with actor Tom Welling in the TV series Smallville, Durance became a recurring character in the series from season four and Vandervoort played Supergirl

United States.-  The Smallville series was the first broadcast in 2001 and had its last episode on May 13, 2011, had a total of 10 seasons where the life of a young Clark Kent was told before he became the hero we all know as ‘Superman’.

Erica Durance had an important role in fiction, as she played the famous journalist  Lois Lane, who in the future would become Superman’s crush on the adaptations of the ‘Man of Steel’.

The actress, like Tom Welling, was present in the television mega-crossover ‘Crisis in Infinite Lands’ where they returned to their roles as ‘Smallville’, Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

In the case of Laura Vandervoort, she played in 12 episodes ‘Supergirl’, cousin of ‘Superman’ who had the mission of caring for the little ‘Kal-El’ but when he had her appearance, he was already older.

Erica Durance was in charge of ‘immortalizing’ this little gathering of the ‘Smallville’ girls as part of ‘Wizard World’.