Gwyneth Paltrow Generated Great Controversy After Confessing Details Of His Trip To Mexico

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress became the center of attention of all media.

A few days ago Gwyneth Paltrow generated a great controversy after having confessed to the program “The Goop Lab”, that she had consumed ecstasy with her partner in their passage through Mexico some years ago.

In one of the latest broadcasts of this Netflix documentary series, the successful actress talked about hallucinogenic and/or psychedelic drugs. But he managed to surprise thousands of fans with the story of her experience.

During this chapter, “The Healing Journey,” we see Gwyneth Paltrow in Jamaica, conducting a hallucinogenic mushroom experimentation session and that was the trigger for him to reveal her experience in Mexico.

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The best part of the night is always getting home ?

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In this chapter, the protagonist of Iron Man narrated how her trip was with her husband in the Caribbean and added: “I tried ecstasy once in Mexico. I never thought of this substance as a psychedelic drug and when I took it I did not hallucinate, I was not at a party. It was actually something very emotional … “

“He is a very empathetic and very wise person, so he could help me during my trip, but it makes me think that there is much more to discover if I did it in a therapeutic environment,” said  Brad Pitt’s former partner.

However, the businesswoman got back into a controversy after having promoted the aromatic candles that she sells on her website since these have a smell of her intimate parts. The funny thing is that, when he wanted to clarify it, he confessed that he was “drugged when he did them.”

Now Gwyneth Paltrow put himself in the eye of the storm with her confessions within the program. He also confessed that “there is a lack of systemic and cultural connection if all were connected they would understand that I also had very painful and very traumatic experiences.”